What Car For You

When you are in the process of buying a new vehicle there are many things to take into consideration before you hand over your cash. If you’re not clued up on the automotive industry you might not actually be fully aware of all your options.

One of the hardest and most important initial decisions to make is actually what type of vehicle you are going to buy. It sounds simple and obvious but it actually eludes most people until after they have bought a car and realised that they would have been suited to something better.

To help you weigh up your options and make the right choice, here are five different classes of vehicles along with what they are useful for.


City Car

City cars are basically the lowest level of vehicle on the market, in that they are the cheapest to purchase as new and will generally come with the least amount of equipment. They are only really suited to driving in and around town, so one would be perfect for a low mileage driver and anybody on a tight budget. Insurance will be low and so will MOT and servicing costs.


Small Family Car

Small family vehicles are the next level up from city cars. They are slightly larger in terms of cabin space and will more often than not come with a better level of standard equipment. Most are economical so you shouldn’t spend too much on fuel, and some of the class leaders such as the Ford Fiesta also deliver a decent ride on the motorway.


Medium Family Car

The Ford Focus and the Volkswagen Golf are typical examples of medium sized family vehicles. They offer fairly spacious cabins, ones that easily accommodate four or five passengers in comfort, and are usually available with a wide range of engines.



4x4s are large cars and can travel off-road. They can cover different types of terrain which would pose problems for other vehicles. If you’re someone that likes to travel over countryside then a Land Rover Defender for example would be perfect for you; however it is important to remember that 4x4s usually emit high volumes of CO2 and aren’t particularly fuel efficient.


Sports Car

Sports cars are all about speed, fun and style. Many of them are only two-seaters, and the models which come with a 2+2 seating formation will usually offer very little space in the rear. A sports car is perfect for someone looking for an enthralling driving experience that won’t need to ferry passengers around often. Expect regular trips to the petrol station and high CO2 emissions.

In summery, of course the cost of the car itself is of huge importance to any buyers, but don’t forget that payment doesn’t stop after you drive the car from the lot, you also have to buy your car insurance, pay for fuel and get the car serviced regularly. Many friends of mine have bought cars which look and drive great, yet realize they can’t afford it down the road.