Contract Hire Audi Cars

Audi are one of the many manufacturers who offer you the opportunity to contract hire one of their models. The contract hire equates to the exclusive use of a motor vehicle for a pre-determined amount of time at an agreed monthly cost. Obtaining a car via contract hire is widely used by businesses as a way of obtaining a business car, without having to pay an upfront, lump sum.

Some of the Audi cars available for contract hire are featured all over the internet, providing you with the cheapest options available and letting you know exactly what is included as part of your package.

The Audi A3 is a car that comes with strong, efficient engines that provide you with a large amount of different specs to choose from, to suit the needs you require. Audi A3The interior of the car is beautifully crafted and designed and this is something Audi have made common practice inside their cabins. The Audi also manages to strike a superb equilibrium between comfort and control. Now the down side of this high quality that Audi produce is that the prices for the Audi A3 is high. Due to the high prices, alternative methods of having this car can be found via leasing. With a Contract Hire Audi A3 it will cost you anywhere between £14,000 – £20,000 over a three year cost however the upside of the lease, as mentioned earlier, is it will be split over monthly payments.

If you have a little more summer weathered personality, then the Audi A3 may not satisfy your needs however Audi also offer a Lease Audi A3 Cabriolet. The cabriolet provides a neat, cloth-topped convertible car that visually looks really attractive. If the climate of the UK was a little warmer then there would be little reason to choose the hatchback over the cabriolet. It is however a four-seater car so you do lose one seat in the rear but the boot space is decent and if there is just two people driving with a big amount of luggage then the rear seats can be folded down to make extra room.

Now if you are looking for a slightly larger model, that has a slightly more executive feel to it, then there is the option of an Audi A3 Saloon. The saloon model still has a good choice of efficient and powerful engines as well as a high quality, stylish interior. What I would say though, if you did choose a Lease Audi A3 Saloon, is that the ride can be a little firm, especially with the standard sport suspension. I would hasten to add that the standard sport suspension can be deselected. I also feel that it isn’t as fun to drive as one of its competitor, the BMW 1 Series. It does however make the BMW 3 Series seem overly priced moreover the cheaper priced Audi A3 Sportback does, to me, have the broader appeal.

When looking at your options for a contract hire car you may take into account estate models, especially if you are an owner of a dog, a salesman that carries around their product or many other things that extra boot space may be of benefit for. One option to take into account from Audi is their A4 Avant model. This is a high quality lifestyle car that, once again with Audi, has a superb choice of powerful engines to choose from. Obviously the more impressive the engine the higher your monthly cost will be. With the cheapest Contract Hire Audi A4 Avant costs starting at roughly £275.00 per month, plus VAT for a three year lease it certainly doesn’t come cheap and I personally feel the driving position is very poor so you will need to check that this is suitable for yourself before committing to any contract hire Audi A4 Avant.

Audi A6 AvantIf you are still after a larger amount of space in the boot then moving further up the Audi ranges there is the Audi A6 Avant. The Audi A6 Avant has a gorgeous, spacious cabin, with plenty of headroom, which leaves plenty of room for all passengers as well as plenty of room for luggage. As has become synonymous with Audi the engines that are available are powerful yet, with an average of just over 56 MPG, it is still economical enough that you should not be having to fill your tank more than once a week, unless you are a serious long-haul driver. If you do decide to go with a Contract Hire Audi A6 Avant you will be spending money on a refined and comfortable ride that is stunningly quick and competent for motorway journeys. The only negative comment towards the A6 Avant is that it does come with less standard equipment than its previous versions, so if you do want the added extras then the monthly cost of your lease will rise considerably.