Used BMW Cars

BMW is a German automobile manufacturer that produces high quality, well respected cars across the world. The BMW brand is very popular amongst the UK car market and has become the go to manufacturer for thousands upon thousands of people in the UK. With this notoriety there is a lot of pressure for BMW to keep their customers satisfied with new designs, new models and big variety. Despite the big pressure to stay on top of their game the responsibility is not something BMW have shied away from and continue to produce top quality cars across all model spectrums.

When it comes to choosing a BMW there are plenty of ranges available however some of the entry level models are best suited for young and upcoming professionals. Let’s take into account the BMW 1 Series. As young and upcoming professionals the likely hood of affording a 1 Series right away is unrealistic unless you have very generous parents. So the second best option would be to take a look at a Used BMW 1 Series. This model is the only rear wheel drive in its market and is available with either a petrol or diesel engine. The newer generation of 1 Series have had their engine efficiency improved, compared to the older models, to give you a few more miles travelling without having to fill up. A little downside to the 1 Series is that the steering seems a little too quick and light which can cause a few nerves when driving at speed. Also the entry-level models are not fitted with Bluetooth which could be a necessity for young upcoming professionals, so my suggestion when looking at an older Second Hand BMW 1 Series would be to find out if the owner has had one fitted since buying the car.

BMW 1 Series

If you’re a little further up that work ladder and looking for a suitable professional car that still has that executive feel but gives you a bit more space in the cabin then look no further than the BMW 3 Series. In my opinion the 3 Series is one of the best compact executive cars produced and available on the UK car market. The 3 Series is delightfully equipped and partly thanks to an excellent range of petrol and diesel engines it’s also a very refined and comfortable form of transport. Obviously this model doesn’t come cheap and adding on extras can easily add another £10,000 to the price but there is always the option to have a look at a Contract Hire BMW 3 Series. This enables you to spread the cost over a two or three year plan by paying via monthly instalments. You will have exclusive access to the car for that period of time but at the end of the contract you will give it back to the garage because you will not own the car. The upside to a contract hire is that at the end of the two or three years you can move onto a newer model and if you have moved further up the work ladder you may be able to afford something even more luxurious.

BMW 3 Series